Consulting and project management

Information Roadmapping from LAC Federal

LAC Federal will help you create a roadmap to discover the hidden value of your information assets with solutions to organize and manage your information collections, physical and digital, regardless of their size or nature.

  • How much valuable time, effort and energy are lost managing your library and information archives?
  • How quickly and easily can your staff, external constituents or the general public access the information that matters?
  • What are the real costs of all of your storage – real estate, management time, archive expenses?

Your information assets and resources are waiting to be tapped and leveraged to release their full value.

Benefits of LAC Federal’s consulting and project management services

  • Improved return on investment for existing information resources
  • Reduced time and cost spent managing multiple information stores, libraries and collections
  • Greater accessibility by digitizing and curating your information assets
  • Opportunity to streamline space requirements and significantly reduce real estate costs

Commitment to accountability

The keys to our management approach are communication, accountability, quality and a flat management structure.

  • Regular two-way communication between your staff and Team LAC
  • Client Engagement Manager (CEM) for a single point of contact for all issues
  • Senior management remains accessible and engaged throughout the contract lifecycle

Commitment to quality

We are proud of our track record, consistently exceeding performance standards with our proven four-step quality assurance process:

  1. Continuous improvement through quantitative and qualitative monitoring.
  2. ISO 9001:2008 compliant management approach, incorporating quality-monitoring functions into all projects and all aspects of our corporate operations.
  3. Well-documented procedures and defined tasks with measurable objectives that are agreed to by the client, employee, and supervisor.
  4. Regular reporting requirements and periodic review and a bottom-up, 360 degree evaluation of the management and quality control plan itself.
Who we serve

Who we serve

Our consulting and project management clients have extensive data and information resources available, but realize that they are not getting the maximum value from these assets.  Along with large and small Federal agencies, we have worked with Fortune 500 corporations, law firms, and cultural institutions.

What they have in common

Common needs

To control costs through more efficient information resource management, data mining, and business intelligence to improve the decision-making process moving forward.