DAM and digitization support services

A full-service digital asset management (DAM) program requires specialists in numerous technologies.  As brokers of digital resources, LAC Federal’s information professionals provide valuable support services including digitization, metadata creation, asset curation, and more. We’re experienced with a diverse range of analog and digital formats and knowledgeable with national and international standards.

Analog to digital information resource services

Federal agencies have extensive collections of unique or nearly unique materials. Digitizing these resources not only preserves the information but improves government service by making these resources digitally discoverable and easily accessible.

Documents, books, photographs and other physical artifacts

LAC Federal has worked with a variety of materials, including but not limited to:

  • Photographs
  • Videotape, audiotape and film
  • Books, serials, journals and documents
  • Classified, Secret or Top-secret government documents
  • Records, internal documents and other internal work product
  • Archival materials

LAC Federal can guide you to the best option for information access and discovery based on your requirements.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) support services

LAC Federal delivers a comprehensive DAM approach, applying information manipulation techniques and library science principles to enhance user discovery:

  • Meta-tagging
  • Taxonomy development
  • Indexing and keyword assignment
  • Image and video cataloging (MARC, VRA Core and other formats)
  • Image captioning
  • Digital curation and migration

Our approach is platform-neutral and we have experience with a wide variety of digital repositories and content management systems.

Who we serve

Who we serve

Federal government information centers and libraries rely on our expertise in system architecture, taxonomy development, and metadata management. As part of LAC Group, we draw from extensive DAM consulting and digitization experience gained from long-term engagements in major media, news and entertainment companies and cultural institutions.

What they have in common

Common needs

To make their analog and born-digital assets easier to manage and search through robust digital asset solutions and sound metadata.

National Agricultural Library (NAL)
Bureau of Land Management