Government information center and library services

LAC Federal has been supporting and managing libraries and information centers for more than thirty years in some of the nation’s premier technical and scientific research libraries. Our library, research and information professionals deliver the highest quality work, accurately and on time, whether the work is performed onsite or remotely.

With over 1,000 libraries and information centers in the Federal Government serving internal and external customers, as well as agencies that need knowledge and information support for staff and outreach to the public, this need is ideal for LAC Federal’s experience and skills.

Managed library and information center services

Whether you are looking to increase efficiency, gain subject matter expertise, control costs or get a project completed more quickly, you have a myriad of reasons for using managed services. We we work with you to craft flexible solutions to support the agency mission and meet your goals and objectives.

Choose the level of operational support you need—partial or full management, long-term or temporary, or to cover specific library functions and information services, including:

  • Records management
  • Research and reference
  • Collection management
  • Knowledge management, organization and dissemination
  • Digital asset management and digitization
  • Content management
  • Virtual information services

As a core library and information services company, LAC Federal understands that the overarching requirement is to serve your users:

  • Provide them with what they need, when they need it.
  • Add time-saving efficiency whenever we spot the opportunity.
  • Work with formats and interfaces that are most meaningful to them.

Our difference is depth and breadth of experience, and best practices from libraries of every description in the United States and Europe.

Remember LAC Federal for any or all of your library and information center requirements.

Metadata and catalog support

Developing and maintaining an accurate bibliographic record of an organization’s information resources is essential for timely and relevant discovery and access. Metadata creation and curation is the foundation upon which an information center or library operates.

LAC Federal provides expertise in international standards such as RDA or the Library of Congress Classification Scheme, and we are skilled at developing a local taxonomy or thesauri.

Keeping pace with library standards and technology

Technology changes continually, and more rapidly than ever. To ensure that our people can “hit the ground running” and deliver consistent, quality service, our librarians and technical staff are regularly trained and incentivized to attend conferences and seminars:

  • LAC Group best practices
  • Industry best practices
  • Library and information systems and services
  • Industry standards such as BIBFRAME, RDA, AACR2 and MARC21.

Perhaps the most important standard we strive to follow is the one you’ve established and expect for teamwork and collaboration. Our library and information professionals work to fit in from day one, in concert with agency staff and other members of the project team.

Experienced LIS teams with proven results

LAC is a proven library support team with a track record of innovation and success. The “L” in LAC stands for Library, and library and information support services and consulting are all we do, making us the safe choice for prime contractors and agency heads.

  • Founded, operated and staffed by librarians with a passion for their work and the advancement of the profession, including recognized thought leaders and information management professionals.
  • Open and accountable, with a focus on quality and high levels of executive engagement.
Who we serve

Who we serve

Over 1,000 libraries and information centers in the Federal Government serving internal and external customers, and for agencies in which library services are not part of their core mission, we help them provide knowledge and information support to staff and outreach to the public.

Our library and information center clients include the National Library of Education, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Public Health Library and Information Center and the NOAA Central Library.

What they have in common

Common needs

  • To control costs while maintaining the benefits of well-organized information resources.
  • Need for information professionals who understand how to manage, retrieve, synthesize, and communicate complex data.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
National Library of Education
Success stories

Success Stories

Department of Education, National Library of Education

Monitoring state news and developments
Staying current with state developments and news was a cumbersome task for the Department of Education until NLE leadership and LAC Federal librarians developed state portals with local content and a user-friendly interface.

Download case study: Development of web portals


Collection management and preservation
NLE’s historical collection of over 20,000 textbooks had not been fully inventoried or cataloged, making it inaccessible to researchers. Working with NLE, we created a three year plan to assess and catalog each item, rehousing volumes in poor condition and making the textbooks discoverable to scholars around the world.

Download case study: Cataloging historical collections