Managed library and information center services

Whether you are looking to control costs, increase efficiency, gain subject matter expertise or get a project completed more quickly, you have a myriad of reasons for using managed services. We understand your needs are unique, which is why we work with you to craft flexible solutions to meet your goals and objectives.

Management by information experts and library leaders

LAC Federal provides the library and information center expertise, qualified LIS staff and expert project management to help you:

Control costs
Increase efficiency
Optimize staff
Core mission
Level playing field
Reduce risk

Control costs

Cost-cutting may not be the only reason to use a managed services firm, but the ability to monitor and predict costs is usually a major factor and primary benefit.

Increase efficiency

Our cost structure, economies of scale and best-practice experience can streamline operations, enhance productivity and improve service and satisfaction.

Optimize staff while reducing HR costs and liabilities

Using managed services lets you focus your human resources where you need them most.

Quick-start and complete projects

Handling a project in-house might take weeks or months to hire the right people, train them, and provide the support and guidance needed to achieve project deadlines and deliverables. We have the resources to start a project right away and complete it on time, on budget.

Focus on your core mission

By engaging LAC Federal to manage and staff your information and research functions, we enable you to focus on your core mission and purpose while providing you with the needed level and amount of library, research and information support.

Level the playing field

Managed services give small and medium organizations access to the same economies of scale, efficiencies, and expertise that large organizations enjoy.

Reduce risk

As managed services providers, LAC Federal assumes and manages risk for you with decades of experience and knowledge.

Managed library services

Choose the level of operational support you need – partial or full management, long-term or temporary, or to cover specific library functions and information services, including:

  • Records management
  • Research and reference
  • Collection management
  • Knowledge management, organization and dissemination
  • Digital asset management and digitization
  • Content management
  • Virtual information services

Consider LAC Federal managed services for any or all of your library and information center requirements.

Who we serve

Who we serve

As a core library and information management services company, LAC Federal helps agencies focus on their core mission by providing cost-effective management for programs and services that provide institutional support through improved information resource management.

What they have in common

Common needs

To control or predict costs, optimize resource allocation, reduce risk, operate with greater flexibility, augment staff or shift focus to core missions, goals and objectives.

Library of Congress (LOC)
Department of State
National Library of Education