Research and intelligence support

As part of LAC Group, LAC Federal draws on three decades of cross-industry, private sector experience in business and legal research. Our accredited library and information science professionals offer expertise in research, reference, and business intelligence capabilities. And if needed, we can draw from an extensive, curated database of thousands of potential LIS candidates, covering every aspect of library support services.

Research and intelligence

  • Respond to complex reference questions.
  • Conduct methodical literature searches.
  • Analyze citation metrics to quantify the return on investment for clients via bibliometrics.

Collection development

  • Select print and electronic resources for library collection development.
  • Analyze circulation statistics to provide the most current and relevant materials for patrons.

Outreach expertise

  • Experience across multiple domains and continents to inform our understanding of user requirements, both domestic and international.
  • Activities to promote the library’s services and collections in the most meaningful way.
  • Training on important topics like effective search strategies for physical and electronic resources.

The leading edge of library services

LAC Group has long been a leader in harnessing technology to improve Customer Experience (CX) in information and library services.

  • Our Library as a Service® model (LaaS) offers a user-friendly, cloud-based platform to manage research and reference requests in a distributed environment.
  • Built on a secure, FedRAMP approved and HIPAA compliant architecture, our platform enables agencies to not only manage research and reference requests more efficiently, but also monitor quality and CX through capturing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and direct user feedback on each interaction.
  • With seamless integration into your intranets and other internal websites, customizable fields and triggers can make the experience as unique as your collections.
Who we serve

Who we serve

We provide research, reference, and intelligence services for major Federal information centers and libraries like the National Agricultural Library, the United States Agency for International Development and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What they have in common

Common needs

Need for in-depth, rigorous, and up-to-date insights and intelligence in support of strategic decision-making.

Library of Congress (LOC)
National Agricultural Library (NAL)
Department of Commerce
National Library of Medicine
Success stories

Success Stories

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Analysis and reporting of citation metrics

NOAA and LAC Federal librarians developed a methodology to quantify the number of citations utilizing NOAA works. Bibliometrics quantifies a library’s return on investment for the community it serves.


National Library of Education (NLE)

Research and reference outreach

Reference and research requests have increased 90% during LAC Federal’s tenure managing the National Library of Education because of our coordinated outreach campaign.



Instructional design and training

LAC Federal instructional designers and trainers traveled to USAID missions to provide hands-on training for the agency’s Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC).