NASA Goddard Information and Collaboration Center

While supporting NASA Goddard and Information Collaboration Center (GIC2), LAC was responsible for providing configuration management and ongoing maintenance of the various information and digital library systems. Our team continuously re-evaluated the needs of our NASA customers to identify areas for improvement. Our Computer Security Manager collaborated with NASA IT services to implement an enterprise-wide SSO solution to enable access to NASA information resources for a globally-distributed workforce. By implementing OpenAthens to enable SSO for all NASA employees, remote staff and partners will be able to access NASA’s many research resources. Staff also implemented new features including creating and managing webforms, a helpdesk feature (Ask-a-Librarian), listservs, etc. LAC provided timely patching and upgrading to ensure all systems were secure and integrated into the technology stack for the digital library. Staff have led numerous migrations for the Digital Archives repository upgrading from Fedora Commons 3.8 to version 4.7 and upgrading the content management system to Drupal 8. The Computer Security Manager and Web Librarian use SQL, JavaScript, HTML, XML, and other web technologies and programming languages to support the sites. Staff also provided bibliometric data analysis for NASA researchers.