LAC Federal is a core library, information, and knowledge management firm with deep roots in library services. We differentiate ourselves from other companies by the depth of our knowledge and experience, gained through providing professional services in the management, staffing, and outsourcing of libraries and research activities since our founding.

Contract Vehicles

LAC Federal provides library, knowledge, and information management services to government clients using a variety of contract vehicles to simplify the acquisition process for our customers. Our vehicles provide agencies, departments, and organizations access to a suite of services specific to LAC Federal. By using one of our contract vehicles, agencies can be assured that they are receiving the best value with pre-negotiated rates and services.

FEDLINK — Library Support Services

The Federal Library and Information Network (FEDLINK) at the Library of Congress created a new multi-award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract vehicle open to all federal agencies, tribal governments, the District of Columbia, and organizations authorized to use federal sources of supply. It is the first ever contract vehicle dedicated to the unique professional service needs of federal libraries and information centers. 

This Contract Vehicle enables libraries, information centers, or knowledge services centers to obtain information management service from a team that specializes in the unique challenges and opportunities of federal libraries and information management programs. Under this vehicle, LAC offers the following services:

Library & Information Center Managed Services. Our experienced team will manage library operations for interested agencies. By engaging our team, agencies will realize greater cost efficiencies while still expanding the effectiveness of their program.

Strategic Planning, Project Design, and Implementation. LAC Federal offers library strategic planning and roadmapping services that will empower agency teams to transform their information services to strengthen customer service and better position their library to meet future challenges.

Technical & Collection Services Including Interlibrary Loan and Inventory. LAC can provide full or part time catalogers, metadata specialists, library technicians, and clerks to assist with ongoing needs or to address backlogs or special projects.

Public Services Support Including Virtual and In-person Reference Services. LAC Federal can provide research and reference librarians, marketing and outreach librarians, and subject matter experts in a broad range of specialties to support or supplement client teams and meet their customers’ information needs.

Data Services Including Data Management, Analysis, and Bibliometrics. Our experts in data science, data analytics, and bibliometrics can help transform interested libraries into a data hub. LAC has worked with nearly a dozen federal agencies in developing and launching open data repositories to meet federal open data standards.

Library Systems Management. LAC can assist with operations and maintenance for existing systems or provide planning and migration services when clients are ready to upgrade their library services platform. LAC is vendor neutral and has worked with all major proprietary and open source library systems.

FEDLINK library professionals and contracting officers can assist interested agencies in developing statements of work, issuing solicitations, evaluating bids, and monitoring projects for quality assurance.

Get started by contacting FEDLINK to register your agency and complete an Interagency Agreement (IAA), then speak to FEDLINK’s contracting officers and librarians about your needs.

Please contact us to learn how our team can assist with our FEDLINK contract vehicle.

LAC Federal Contract #: LCFDL21D0016
Ordering Period: May 13, 2021 – May 12, 2026
Availability: All federal agencies, tribal governments, the District of Columbia, and organizations authorized to use federal sources of supply.

GSA Multiple Award Schedule

LAC Federal is a prime GSA Multiple Award Schedule (“MAS”) Holder with seven categories. This schedule is open to all federal agencies and other organizations authorized to use federal supply schedules. Currently, LAC Federal offers the following services under our GSA MAS Schedule:

493110RM & 493110RMRC Physical Records Management Services.  

Records Management Services include on-site services not limited to organizing paper or electronic files in any work area, tracking them electronically, and information and document indexing, scanning, labeling, barcoding, and filing

518210DC & 518210DCRC Document Conversion Services

Document conversion involves state-of-the-art scanning of the original document’s text and graphic image into digital data, which is then transferred to new media and formatted for use in a document imaging and storage system. Customized coding and indexing options are also available as part of the document conversion process.

54151HEAL & 54151HEALRC Health Information Technology Services

This category certifies our pre-verified ability to offer a range of cutting-edge and innovative Health IT services: connected health and electronic health records; health information exchanges; health informatics and analytics; emerging health topics; and other health-related IT services.

54151S & 54151SRC Professional Information Technology Services

Under this category, LAC Federal is ready to provide IT support services including resource management; system and database analysis, planning and design; conversion and implementation support; project management; data/records management; and other IT services.

541611LIT & 541611LITRC Litigation Support Solutions 

Encompasses a wide range of services that aid attorneys and other professional and non-professional staff members in the tasks of obtaining, organizing, analyzing, and presenting evidence or materials for legal matters not limited to: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, trials, judgments, lawsuits, congressional subpoenas, or settlements.

541611O & 541611ORC Office Management Needs Assessment and Analysis Services

Needs Assessment and Analysis Services consist of a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s existing objectives, capabilities, and funding obligations, with agency recommendation(s) on how to meet or exceed the organization’s overall performance by providing total office solutions.

541611 & 541611RC Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services

Formerly known as Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS), this contract provides support for all phases of program or project management including administrative and operational activities. Under this category, LAC is ready to apply our capabilities and experience in research, analysis, and information / knowledge management in support of a broad array of mission-driven projects.

Contact us to learn how our team can help you with any of the above requirements.

LAC Federal Contract #: GS-35F-322GA
Current Expiration Date:  March 28, 2037
Availability: All federal agencies, tribal governments, the District of Columbia, and organizations authorized to use federal sources of supply.

Department of Justice - Records and Information Management Support Services

LAC Federal is serving as Team Leader for this Blanket Purchase Agreement to provide full life cycle records management and information management (“RIM”) support. This BPA is open to all agencies and bureaus within the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and provides full life cycle records management services and consulting including. LAC Federal’s BPA team provides a full solution to all of the needs of the DOJ RIM BPA.

Together, Team LAC Federal is able to offer services in three RIM Program Areas:

Needs Analysis

    • Consulting and gap analyses
    • Business process analysis/impact analysis and modernization planning
    • IT investment and policy guidance for adjunct systems affecting records management (e.g. email, phones, collaboration software, etc.) 
    • RIM program auditing and assessment

Business Services

    • RIM program management 
    • Physical and digital asset management and storage
    • Updating and revision of RIM policies and procedures
    • Development, updating, and review of taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, indexes, file plan, records schedules
    • Electronic records management and digital transformation and preservation
    • Training & Program Governance

Digitization Services

    • On and off-site scanning for print and graphical materials at secure facility
    • Analysis, appraisal, and preparation of files for digitization
    • Scanning, digital file conversion, and quality control
    • Digital conversion of records (e.g., from physical to electronic, or one electronic form to another)

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LAC Federal Contract #: 15JPSS23A00000169
Ordering Period: September 5, 2023 – September 4, 2033
Availability: All United States Department of Justice Components

National Agricultural Library - Library Support Services

In August 2023, the US Department of Agriculture / National Agricultural Library selected LAC Federal as a Prime Contractor on a five year, multi-award $17.6 million Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). The Library Services BPA began in August 2023 and expires in August 2028.

The National Agricultural Library (NAL) is one of five national libraries of the United States Government. It houses one of the world’s largest agricultural information collections and serves as the nexus for a national network of state land-grant and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) field libraries. NAL serves both USDA and the larger public. NAL continues to provide on-site services at the Abraham Lincoln Building in Beltsville, MD (home of the NAL print collection) while also providing an expanding array of online services and digital collections. LAC Federal will provide assistance in data management, digitization, metadata creation and maintenance, reference services, collection support, and more.

Contact us to learn how our team can help you.

LAC Federal Contract #: 1232SA23A0007
Ordering Period: August 23, 2023 to August 22, 2028
Availability: All components and offices within the Agricultural Research Service

National Library of Medicine - Collect and Curate to Transform and Accelerate Biomedical and Health Information Discovery for the National Library of Medicine (2Cs)

LAC Federal is currently a subcontractor on a multiple award Blanket Purchase Agreements to collect, curate, and enhance access to critical biomedical and public health data at the National Library of Medicine (“NLM”) within the National Institute of Health (“NIH”). The purpose of the NLM 2Cs BPA is to provide support for the NLM/NIH as it accelerates the digitization of its collection through strategic planning and program support and enhances the management of and access to biomedical, public health, clinical, and consumer health information and data services to the public. 

LAC Federal will support the Division of Library Operations (LO) in implementing its Strategic Plan to transform and unify its collections and enhance customer experience. Work under this BPA will include furnishing subject matter expertise to transform collection management while improving access to the NLM’s extensive legacy collections in print and audiovisual formats. Staff will also support the investigation and implementation of cutting-edge technologies to improve cataloging and metadata creation.

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Ordering Period: August 28, 2023 – August 27, 2026
Availability: National Library of Medicine

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