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The rise of the “e-citizen” parallels the expectation that all user groups receive much of what they need from government agencies online. Budget writers are requiring agencies to master the internet’s efficiencies and cost-saving potential, while legislation and executive orders mandate that services be delivered online as much as possible. 

As a library leader, LAC Federal is a government contractor that fills an important niche in web-based initiatives. LAC experts deliver LIS discipline and experience to both public-facing websites and agency intranets. Working in concert with internal and external website teams already in place, LAC optimizes user discovery and access to the services and information they seek. 

Web development and support services

  • Content development, curation and management
  • Specialized information microsites and portals
  • Usability analysis and assessment
  • Event planning and registration
  • Keyword research and metadata tagging
  • Section 508 compliance and other web-related mandates
  • Vendor-neutral support for common web technologies, standards and content management systems

Cloud computing and online service delivery will be an ongoing push, one that will require a range of skills and experience beyond migration to web technologies and system integration.

Ensure successful implementation, maintenance and user satisfaction with the support of LAC Federal’s digital information capabilities and team of professional knowledge workers.


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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

LAC Federal developed and maintained the public-facing CDC library website and the CDC intranet using MySQL, PHP, XML, Python, openURL link resolver, and Ajax scripting languages in conjunction with the Drupal and SharePoint content platforms. LAC also provided troubleshooting, customer support, and problem resolution and ensured compliance with network security requirements and federal guidelines such as Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

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Department of Education’s National Library of Education (NLE)

LAC Federal has been involved in a number of projects for the National Library of Education. When the team learned that staff lacked quick access to pending legislation, local news, and other state-level information to monitor for coordinating programs and initiatives, NLE leadership and LAC Federal librarians set to work. The teams proposed the development of 52 web portals—one for each state plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The portals allow staff from all over the Department of Education to access the most current information in one user-friendly interface.

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

As part of the Open Government initiative to expand public access to federally funded research, NOAA was required to make their data freely available to the public within one year of publication. In support of this, LAC Federal developed an online Institutional Repository (IR) of scientific literature produced and/or funded by NOAA. With over 20,000 publications currently available, this website is freely accessible, Google-indexed, and successful in expanding the reach and impact of NOAA research around the world. Additional support provided by LAC Federal staff includes supplementary services to NOAA authors and researchers, the development of robust FAQ pages, and guidance on Section 508 compliance.

Portal Development

LAC Federal has long been a leader in harnessing technology to improve customer experience (CX) in information and library services. With an impressive track record, LAC consistently exceeds performance standards under a proven four-step quality assurance process:

  1. Continuous improvement through quantitative and qualitative monitoring
  2. ISO 9001:2008 compliant management approach, incorporating quality-monitoring functions into all projects and all aspects of corporate operations
  3. Well-documented procedures and defined tasks with measurable objectives that are agreed to by the client, employee, and supervisor
  4. Regular reporting requirements and periodic review with 360 degree evaluation

Growing and realizing the value of information resources

Client information assets and resources are waiting to be leveraged to release their full value. The benefits of LAC Federal’s library services include:

  • Improved return on investment for existing information resources
  • Reduced time and cost spent managing multiple information stores and collections
  • Greater accessibility by digitizing and curating client information assets
  • Streamlining space requirements to significantly reduce real estate costs

Government library services

Users can choose the level of operational support needed – partial or full management, long-term or temporary, specific library functions, or general information services.

  • Platform-neutral support and migration services across a variety of library services platforms (LSP) and integrated library systems (ILS) optimize the most relevant functionality
  • Comprehensive information center and library support services delivered by experienced librarians with proven results
  • Roadmapping discovers the hidden value of client information assets and manages their collections – physical and digital – regardless of size or nature
  • Open lines of communication, accountability, focus on quality, and high level of executive engagement
  • Driven to provide users what they need, when they need it, and to add time-saving efficiency whenever the opportunity is identified

LAC Federal excels in library and information support services and consulting. Library, research, and information management professionals deliver the highest quality work, accurately and on-time, making LAC the safe choice for prime contractors and agency heads.

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Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB)

In 2015, LAC Federal was contracted by the DNFSB to review its library, records, and information management practices to provide recommendations for improvement. LAC Federal conducted a comprehensive, four-month assessment including market research and analysis, review of technical documentation, regular visits, and stakeholder interviews. The team delivered two preliminary reports for comment, which were incorporated into the final, 45-page report incorporating a step-by-step guide on how to implement LAC’s recommendations and transform its technical library into a virtual information center. LAC was awarded the contract to oversee an agency-wide, electronic records management system in compliance with NARA and other federal policies.

Specialized Skills and Staffing

Government agencies are in need of solutions for digital service delivery, enhanced research and information-sharing activities, and new ways to address constituent concerns all while supporting the agency’s mission. This infusion increasingly arrives out of technology and expertise from contractors like LAC Federal, allotting fresh ideas and recommendations.   

We deliver the skills you need, as you need them, while giving you a way to overcome hiring and management obstacles and risks.

Experience and skills that are in-demand

Along with providing best practices and a fresh perspective, LAC ensures clients are familiar with:

  • Information management best practices
  • Library and information systems and tools for on-the-job use
  • Common standards such as BIBFRAME, RDA, AACR2, and MARC21
  • Efficient workflow processes and methodologies

To ensure that federal workers can “hit the ground running” and deliver consistent, quality service, the librarians and technical staff of LAC Federal are trained and incentivized to attend industry conferences and seminars.

Team players

LAC Federal is committed to teamwork and collaboration. LAC library and information professionals strive to fit in from day one, working in tandem with agency staff and other project members, both internal and external. As a subcontractor, LAC strives for seamless integration with prime contractor teams.

Internal staff members are a crucial resource in every government agency. LAC Federal recognizes that above all, our job is to support their efforts by enabling them to get more accomplished while focusing on the most critical aspects of their work. 

LAC Federal delivers the specialized skills and talent needed to fit a more diverse and complex information service and management list of requirements. 


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National Agricultural Library (NAL)

The lead agricultural law librarian at NAL is from LAC Federal, providing AgLaw reference support, managing an AgLaw web portal, liaising with relevant governmental, academic and professional associations, and representing NAL at conferences.

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National Library of Medicine (NLM)

Working as subcontractors at the NLM, LAC Federal employees included subject matter experts in health and medical librarianship. LAC Federal’s consumer health librarian was responsible for daily development and maintenance of content on the Library’s MedlinePlus consumer health website, writing and editing top‐level summaries of articles on diseases or conditions for the general public, mapping medical codes, providing medical reference analysis, and collaborating with customer service to respond to user inquiries via the website.