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Many agencies prioritize collecting and disseminating data as a central factor in daily missions, but increasing pressure to cut costs and modernize services while finding the most effective and economical ways to manage growing volumes can be challenging.

Information and knowledge management (KM) are complex processes that require a variety of back end and client-facing considerations for solutions. LAC Federal works with agencies and organizations to capture and make important knowledge discoverable and available while aligning with each client’s specific requirements. 

Information Management (Metadata and Catalog Support)

Developing and maintaining an accurate bibliographic record is essential for relevant discovery, making metadata the foundation for modern libraries and information centers. LAC Federal provides full-service skills and experience for cataloging and metadata planning, as well as implementation to ensure relevance and efficiency, along with implementation requirements including:

  • Strategic planning and assessment of user requirements 
  • Understanding of common international standards such as RDA (Resource Description & Access) and the Library of Congress Classification Scheme
  • Development of local taxonomies or thesauri for unique cataloging requirements


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National Agricultural Library (NAL)

At the NAL, LAC Federal supports development of NAL’s Ag Data Commons repository for USDA-supported research data. The team helps data contributors create standardized, descriptive metadata and support workflows into the agency’s enterprise data inventory and data.gov website. The Ag Data Commons metrics show sustained growth in usage, submissions, and citations. LAC Federal librarians also help to implement and optimize NAL’s GIS (geographic information system) open source database.

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US Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics

The US Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics maintains an open access repository called ROSA P (Repository and Open Science Access Portal) for USDOT-funded research. LAC Federal performs content management services, migrating content and ingesting new records into the ROSA portal. An LAC metadata librarian is solely responsible for cataloging all urgent digital submissions based on Dublin Core and RDA standards.

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US Department of Agriculture (USDA) & US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Joint Project

Researchers at the USDA and the NREL piloted an IT platform for gathering and exchanging data for rapid sharing and modeling. This data exchange requires intensive harmonization of inconsistent data and metadata standards. For the project, LAC Federal gathers documents and workflow requirements, performs and coordinates user testing, develops testing plans, and documents results.

Knowledge Management (KM)

With information silos, an aging workforce, and bureaucratic structures, agencies are more focused on capturing and sharing knowledge. 

LAC Federal delivers KM services and support based on guidance from the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  

“Knowledge management (KM) facilitates the processes by which knowledge is created, shared and used in organizations. It is not necessarily about making major investments in technology and sophisticated software applications, or establishing a new office to oversee organizational KM efforts, or managing all knowledge. It is about managing the knowledge that is most important to the organization and using that knowledge in ways that allow employees to work smarter, resulting in production and/or quality improvements throughout the organization.” 

Learning and Knowledge Sharing Strategy Version 1.0 , Page 1

LAC Federal Knowledge Management Services and Capabilities include:

  • Determination of roles, responsibilities, and workflow, mapping knowledge to critical processes and valuable opportunities
  • Recommendations for implementing or enhancing a sustainable KM system
  • Assessment of KM tools and technologies
  • User training, coaching, and orientation to set expectations and enhance participation
  • Definition of metrics and tracking reporting of analytics and usage data

Users, agencies, and the US government at-large gain support via identification and implementation of new ways to capture and share agency team expertise, experiences, and best practices. 


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United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

The USAID Knowledge Services Center (KSC) equips the agency and its development partners with knowledge-sharing resources to facilitate and inform decisions and plans. LAC Federal managed USAID’s development archive and provided KM services that positioned the agency’s information resources to enhance competitiveness while offering authoritative and time-saving support.

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US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC has received KM guidance from LAC Federal in support of research, intellectual development, and knowledge creation. Staff members consulted with scientists, vendors, and researchers to understand needs and effectively provided KM support and resources. LAC Federal also collaborated on an agency-wide KM initiative to capture and preserve artifacts, technical and research output, and institutional memory, creating a digital library that provided access to a variety of information.