Library of Congress – Visitor’s Experience Master Plan Support

LAC provided a master planning and strategic consultant in support of the Visitor’s Experience Master Plan (VEMP) for the Library of Congress. VEMP is part of the Library’s larger strategic vision and requires the input and coordination of numerous departments, divisions, and sections throughout the Library and with stakeholders outside the Library including the Congress, Architect of the Capitol (AOC), vendors, and partner cultural institutions. LAC Federal’s role was to provide master schedule planning and stakeholder management to incorporate and seamlessly integrate stakeholder inputs into the master schedule. The result of the work to be performed under this contract was to translate the Library’s vision for the VEMP into a single comprehensive, governable process that provides sufficient detail to enable immediate action. LAC Federal began the project working with stakeholders to develop a VEMP program governance and a master schedule including a critical path and a risk register. Since the completion of this Master Plan, our consultant has continued to meet regularly with primary stakeholders to advise on fiscal year funding, changes to the critical path, and how those changes impact other tasks. LAC Federal strategized on how best to allocate funding and resources to ensure all projects were completed on time and within budget.