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Library of Congress – Collection Management

At the Library of Congress, LAC Federal provides collections maintenance support across multiple projects:

      • LAC Federal provides Legal Collections Management for the Law Library of Congress with special expertise in legal materials including knowledge of superseded volumes, loose-leaf filing, and pocket parts.
      • Since 2013, LAC Federal has been the incumbent provider to the Library’s Stacks & Collections Maintenance Support Program with multiple teams working in all three buildings of the main campus as well as the Library’s off-site storage facilities. Tasks include distribution, transport, new acquisitions sorting and filing, and retrieval. Shifting stacks ensures the most efficient use of space while maintaining the integrity and safety of thousands of volumes handled weekly.
      • LAC Federal has held the contract for the Library’s Inspection of Production Lots Program (IPLP) since 2003, involving careful inspection of work processed in numerous other projects, from error flagging to controlling data on items selected for off-site storage. LAC Federal utilizes a project database to capture and report on key performance data.


Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

LAC Federal supported the BLM National Operations Center Library as part of a larger effort to catalog and digitize BLM publications, providing original cataloging and program management and quality control of catalog records and digital files.