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The proliferation of digital content in business settings has turned many people into unlikely data managers, looking for the best way to organize assets such as images, graphics, videos and documents. Without the assistance of a librarian or professional digital asset manager, the less technical are unable to apply data management principles and metadata functionality to organize and leverage their increasingly large volumes of digital information.

This is precisely why we’ve produced our latest educational series, “Metadata for mere mortals.” We’ll be creating a set of reports for people without advanced library and information science degrees. People who lack training in metadata standards and the more technical aspects of digital asset management, yet who find themselves in a position of responsibility for cataloging and organizing digital content.

Our first installment provides an introduction to basic metadata concepts. Readers will learn about the types of metadata and the kinds of information they convey. This helpful overview will help product managers, content managers, digital marketing managers and others get started on their metadata journey.

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