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How to demonstrate alignment with agency mission and goals

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Too often, libraries fail to communicate their value and importance to the stakeholders and decision makers tasked with tough funding choices.

Valuing federal libraries offers guidance on how to substantiate the value of agency research and other information resources and assets by giving users and stakeholders MORe: aligning with Mission, quantifying Output and communicating Results.

  • Understanding the information needs of all user communities.
  • Identifying information gaps and shortcomings.
  • Assessing and allocating resources to develop and deliver the best solutions.
  • Analyzing data and surveying users for continuous improvement.

LAC Federal’s federal services team draws on years of federal contracting and subcontracting experience for library and information services. We are the only library managed services provider working with all five de facto US national libraries, and now you can tap into that expertise.

Download your copy of this white paper and discover working examples and practical tips on how federal libraries are demonstrating and conveying their value to funding decision makers.

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