Collecting and disseminating information is an important role for most government agencies. For some, it’s their mission! And as agencies face increasing pressure to streamline and modernize, leveraging information will be vital.

No matter what form your information and knowledge assets take, consider LAC Federal your #1 resource for library support, information services and knowledge management expertise.

We apply LIS (Library and Information Science) principles seasoned with creative thinking and best practices to maximize value and efficiency.

Physical collections

Physical collections

Digital information asset

Digital information assets

  • Manage and preserve books, documents, tapes and other artifacts.
  • The library experts of LAC Federal will make the best use of government real estate and work diligently to maximize agency budgets and other resources.
  • Optimize your digital assets, whether born digital or digitized.
  • As part of LAC Group, we draw on best practices gained in law, business, news, entertainment, academia, and government, including digitization and management of irreplaceable materials.

We invite you to learn more by exploring our five major service categories. And if we don’t seem to address your information needs, give us a call.
Above all else, we pride ourselves on being responsive.


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The government’s journey to digital transformation continues – on federal, state and local levels. Remember LAC Federal for roadmapping guidance, to make sure your library and information center functions keep pace.