Outreach & engagement

If one new theme has emerged in the last few decades, it’s the need for libraries to place greater emphasis on public outreach. The government libraries that survive and thrive under ongoing scrutiny and constraints are those that demonstrate and communicate their value.

Library promotion and outreach services

DOC library
  • Events and activities to promote the library’s services, collections and programs.
  • Newsletters, social media, welcome packets and other tools and campaigns to build awareness and expand reach.
  • Training library patrons on important topics like effective search strategies for physical and electronic resources.

Outreach begins with an understanding of the library’s resources, goals and user needs in mind. With experience across multiple domains and continents, our librarians bring a strong understanding of domestic and international user requirements. We’re not afraid to borrow from past successful outreach programs, but everything we do is customized to suit your particular circumstances and unique value.

Engaging current users and attracting new user groups is a goal for many agency libraries and information centers, one that our library professionals support with both experience and creativity.

To promote and increase the visibility of your library, remember LAC Federal for proven results in library outreach and engagement.

Past performance examples for outreach and engagement

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC)

LAC Federal provides library marketing and outreach support through a weekly newsletter and weekly monitoring of appellate cases for the Commission. Our librarians have developed a brochure, library card and library bookmarks while conducting orientation for new employees to raise library visibility and awareness. 

US Department of Agriculture

LAC Federal provides a number of educational outreach support services to the US Department of Agriculture, across a variety of subject areas, including food safety and nutrition. We maintain public-facing portals on the National Agricultural Library’s website and promote resources through social media and professional and academic conferences.

US Department of Commerce (DOC)

A large agency with staff around the world and bureau missions ranging from demography to weather forecasting, the Department of Commerce was experiencing a common enterprise phenomenon—silos of information with a lack of sharing and collaboration. To address this situation, DOC created a librarian position dedicated to marketing and events, which was awarded to LAC Federal. The scope of work was left open-ended, allowing our librarian to dive in and create ideas and plans, starting with a clear understanding of the agency, including all available resources and opportunities. Services performed include professional development and training programs, promotional materials, webinars, events, graphic design, surveys, displays and data analytics to inform future programs.