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US Department of Commerce (DOC)

A large agency with global staff and bureau missions ranging from demography to weather forecasting, the Department of Commerce was experiencing a common enterprise phenomenon—silos of information with a lack of sharing and collaboration. To address this situation, the DOC created a librarian position dedicated to marketing and events, a role awarded to LAC Federal. The scope of work was left open-ended, allowing LAC Federal’s candidate to dive in and create ideas and plans starting with a clear understanding of the agency and including all available resources and opportunities. Services performed included professional development and training programs, promotional materials, webinars, events, graphic design, surveys, displays, and data analytics to inform future programs.


Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

LAC Federal supported the BLM National Operations Center Library as part of a larger effort to catalog and digitize BLM publications, providing original cataloging and program management and quality control of catalog records and digital files.